03 October 2023

Redan 2030 kan det finnas elflyg på regionala rutter i Sverige

(Article in Swedish) The article in Dagens Infrastruktur discusses the rapid development of electric aircraft and the potential for electric and hydrogen-powered planes to be in operation on regional routes in Sweden by 2030.
31 August 2023

List of electric, hybrid & (e)STOL aircraft manufacturers

NISA har put together a worldwide list of manufacturers of electric, hybrid and (e)STOL aircrafts. Find out what is being created where with this list.
09 March 2022

Statlige millioner til bergensk elfly

(Article in Norwegian) The Norwegian Research Council is providing 16 million Norwegian kroner to support the sea plane project of Elfly AS in Bergen, with plans to develop a full-scale prototype within three years, aiming to build and operate a fleet of electric sea planes with nine passenger capacity and a range of 250 kilometers.
02 July 2020

Så ska elflyg bli som bussar med vingar

(In Swedish) Electric planes, like Heart Aerospace’s ES-19, could transform short-distance travel, providing economic, safe, and eco-friendly alternatives for routes typically served by buses or cars, with commercial electric flights anticipated by 2026
30 May 2020

Electric aviation has arrived and will be here to stay

The article discusses the development of electric aviation, particularly in the Nordic region, and highlights the importance of collaborative efforts and strategic planning to create the necessary infrastructure for electric aircraft, while also considering challenges and the potential benefits of this transition.
28 January 2020

Finavia is developing electric aviation in Nordic cooperation

Finavia has joined the Network for Electric Aviation (NEA) as part of a Nordic initiative to accelerate the development of electric aviation, with the aim of addressing environmental challenges in the aviation industry and potentially introducing electric passenger aircraft on domestic routes in Finland by the end of the 2020s.
26 September 2019

Nordic Airlines Finnair And SAS Team Up To Develop Electric Aircraft

Finnair and SAS have partnered with nine other organizations as part of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation to accelerate the development of electric aviation, focusing on infrastructure, business models, technology for Nordic climates, and European/regional cooperation, with the goal of advancing electric flight in the near future to address the aviation industry’s environmental challenges.
25 September 2019

SAS joins Nordic initiative for electric aviation

SAS has joined a Nordic initiative to advance electric aviation, collaborating with other Nordic players to work on infrastructure, industry issues, and new business models to accelerate the development of electric aircraft for commercial use, aiming to standardize electric air infrastructure, create business models for regional point-to-point connectivity, develop aircraft technology for Nordic weather conditions, and establish a platform for European and global collaborations.